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Tax Diary

3 ways to reduce the risk of fraud

It is important to remember criminals can target your business to access your and your client’s information. With stolen information criminals can lodge fraudulent returns and obtain fraudulent GST refunds.

You can reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft in your practice by:

  • checking proof of identity for all new clients and questioning discrepancies, particularly if you conduct business online without personal or physical contact
  • ensuring your computer security systems are up to date and you are protected against cyber attacks
  • discussing with your staff the importance of securing personal information and what is appropriate to discuss on social media or via email.

We take the security of taxpayer information and our systems very seriously. If you believe you have received a fraudulent communication or you are unsure of the legitimacy of a communication that claims to be from the ATO, let us know at How to report a scam.

Welcome to Dial Tax CPA's

The tax practice industry is moving more on compliance to business requirements of
Australian Tax Office. Our business is now concentrating on providing personalised
service to business clients with the end of view of satisfying TOTAL needs of our clients.

Do you want to anticipate your tax liability before year end?

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How to increase your income tax refund?
Strategies on buying investment properties.
Maximising your borrowing power.

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